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Primi piatti

I primi piatti della tradizione toscana sono costituiti, principalmente, 

Secondi piatti

La tradizione toscana  e fiorentina vanta numerosi appetitosi secondi piatti

Dolci e dessert

Una vasta scelta di dolci e squisite torte


Bistecca alla fiorentina

Main dishes of pasta, rice

The culinary tradition

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Main dishes

Precious flavours


Sweet delicacies

Sweet delicacies



Not all tourists realise that grilled steak is very popular in Tuscany and,


In the heart of Florence, not far from Piazza della Signoria, Giuseppe, Leonardo and Silvano run La Trattoria Benvenuto, one of the oldest restaurants in Florence. Since 1943 this restaurant is a key place for those who love good Tuscan food. After many years the attention to what they offer and the research for traditional Florentine dishes is still present and characterize this restaurant. On a daily bases Trattoria Benvenuto offers succulent Tuscan and Florentine dishes. The menu offers many alternatives, dishes of the day,  and also fish  dishes. You can choose among the classic Tuscan antipasti, a variety of crostini (toasted bread slices) like the ones with thinly sliced lard, or smoked sword fish, or again fresh pasta dishes, truffle, an unmissable Florentine (T-bone) steak, and again veal shanks or mixed boiled meats. You can end your meal with delectable homemade cakes.  There is also an extensive wine list.  You can stop at Trattoria Benvenuto for a quick lunch break, for a working lunch or a nice dinner with friends.  We accept the main meal vouchers. In our three air-conditioned dining rooms  we can accommodate up to 30/35 people per room, and we are available for birthday or graduation parties, as well as for large groups of tourists on holiday in our town.